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Welcome to Caber Athens Recycling SA®

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Caber Athens Recycling SA® is a pioneering company in the business sector of recycling and in more specifically in the parts of collection, de-pollution, management and processing of metal , tires, wood and plastic, The company abides to the rules of legislation 2939/2001 and the Greek presidential decree 116 (Government Gazette Α' 81/5.3.2004).


Download Lease

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From here you may download the document to let Caber Athens Recycling SA® have the oppurtunity to act on your behalf on car withdrawal/recycle.

You need to go to a KEP , or a police pricinct in order to certify the validity of the signature.


Installations overview


  • Installations Area impervious to any waste material. Area covered and coated with reinforced concrete.
  • Technologically advanced equipment for breaking, cutting and compression of materials. Featuring autonomous box-press for compression and cut of waste material.
  • Properly designed tanks with safety standards and equipment for titration storage of oil, antifreeze, brake fluids and fuel.
  • Storage for used tires.

Steps for car withdrawal

Cars registered after 1/1/2005 are not valid...