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Wood is a natural resource in inadequacy. Demand has increased dramatically today and is expected to double within the next 50 years. Forestry production is insufficient to meet the needs of wood, resulting in worldwide has increased to unsustainable logging and deforestation. The possible effective management and use of wood is imperative. Along with the recycling of wood ensure a cleaner environment, achieving the reduction of waste. A major problem is the lack of public awareness that ignores the benefits of recycling wood.

The raw material for wood is:

• damaged pallets. Of the 8,000,000 estimated pallets handled per year in Greece, 35% (about 3,000,000), and age should be recycled.
• wood boxes packaging of all kinds
• building materials mainly from demolition
• pruning branches from trees or cleaning
• Residues from furniture workshops, etc.


During the process of recycling the wood, passing through a special machine are granulated and separate from any metal (nails, screws, hoops, etc.). Thus we achieve volume reduction. As raw material the broken wood is now ready to be exploited in the use of either the production of timber products from wood precessing industries like SHELMAN (particle board, etc.) or further processed to produce paper, as well as reduced cost energy source for burning or heating by large industries such as steel. With further appropriate treatment it can produce other products like coating for flooring or even fertilizers.

In Greece the amount recycled wood is very low compared to what we reject. Under the new legislation we are required to increase the quantities of recycled wood with dramatic pace in coming years. It should be noted that wood is a material which is difficult to decompose at waste disposal sites.


Athens Recycling SA has created a model for recycling wood, which operates in accordance with the specifications laid down by domestic and EU legislation.

We are able to accept and recycle any kind of wood raw material that otherwise would have to be dumped.