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Welcome to Caber Athens Recycling SA®

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Caber Athens Recycling SA® is a pioneering company in the business sector of recycling and in more specifically in the parts of collection, de-pollution, management and processing of metal , tires, wood and plastic, The company abides to the rules of legislation 2939/2001 and the Greek presidential decree 116 (Government Gazette Α' 81/5.3.2004).


During the age of recycling and in the effort to keep the environment pollution-free, we must use all kinds of raw materials to the maximum extent possible. The waste in the new institutional framework are treated as a source of wealth. Significant action in this direction is the requirement of alternative management, recycling and recovery:

  • packaging materials
  • vehicles at the end of their life
  • tires
  • batteries and accumulators
  • electrical and electronic equipment
  • waste oil
  • demolition waste
  • Construction and Excavating

The management of solid waste and particularly the requirements of the Act, require substantial investments in infrastructure and manpower. The services and technologies of environmental protection must be considered as a dynamic economic sector. The concept of recycling involves the separation of ingredients into homogeneous groups, very large classes of materials considered as last trash, recovery and their reuse. The alternative management systems have specific quantitative targets for each category of material.

The installations for separation and recovery of materials are designed to provide:

  • System monitoring of quantitative, qualitative and financial reporting.
  • Systems for monitoring environmental impacts from the operation of the facility.


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